Proof of student's level of English

Most countries are now insisting a student can prove their level of English by IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic or equivalent test to be accepted onto a course to study through English. The number of countries that accept students who do not have proof of English by IELTS (or equivalent test) are limited.

 Those countries that do not insist on IELTS as proof, often check the student’s level of English at embassy interview stage. Because of this, many colleges in these countries seek IELTS, as they are aware that there is a high visa rejection rate for students without IELTS.

If a student has not got proof of his proficiency in English by IELTS \TOEFL etc, most colleges will require a student to be able to prove their level of english is to the level required to follow the course by one or more of the following…

·         Have you completed a degree course or your school education through english?

·         Have you taken English as a subject in exams ? If so, what results did you achieve? Please note results in secondary school exams are often deemed not to the level required.

·         Skype interview

·         An in house College test

Students need to be aware that when applying for a visa, some countries then hold an interview with the student at the nearest embassy. At that stage, the student often has to be able to show that their English is to the level required to successfully attend their chosen course and will be able to follow it without difficulty. Some of the visa interviews are held in English to ensure this is the case.