Information required to process a course application

To process a student application the following information \ documentation is required:

The following supporting documentation will be required if the student wishes to progress their application for entry on to a course and it is to be successful.

Gather all supporting documents for your application:

Completed Application form  (we will send this to you for completion)

English Language Certificate (if available) or proof of your level of english

Details of your Academic qualifications; Certificate(s), results\marks, transcripts etc

Copy of Passport pages

Curriculum Vitae (Resume).. if student is not applying direct from completion of their secondary education

Details of relevant work experience if applying through this process

Any other relevant information regarding qualifications or previous work experience.

Personal Statement: Your personal statement should include any additional information you think relevant ; such as why you wish to study in your country of choice, your choice of course, your future career plans, any relevant work or professional experience etc.

All documents must be translated to English.

Ensure all academic certificates and transcripts are notarised by the School / College or University as online printed transcripts are not suitable.

 Sections to Include in a College Application Resume

  • Personal information – name, address, phone number, & email address

·         Date of Birth

·         Nationality

·         Education qualifications \ Academic Profile ( school\college, locations etc  and dates attended)

  • Any work experience \ employment history.. outline company worked for, your position \role etc
  • Skills (Language/Computer/etc.)

 Ensure commencement & completion dates (month & year) for each education & employment period are included. Please ensure any GAPS in education & work are covered and explained how they arose.


On receipt of all the information we will then undertake a full assessment of  the student’s  information \ documentation  re the course they wish to apply to.