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Study Abroad Options

We provide a professional advisory and student placement service for Students who are interested in studying abroad. We provide support and arrange the placement of international students on the course, college and country of their choice.

We are very careful re the Universities, Colleges & Schools that we use and recommend. We only use well established, well recognised Colleges with relevant Accreditation and a reputation for providing a very good service to all students. We want to make sure that students coming to study abroad can be assured of a high quality education.

We have many courses available to satisfy all types of students; Short courses, Certificate, Diploma, Foundation, Pathway, Undergraduate, Postgraduate,  Phd courses and much more.

We have many Information sheets \ Brochures available including for the following:

Ø Study in Europe.. individual countries

Ø Study in Ireland

Ø Study in Canada

Ø Study in USA

Ø Study in Australia

Ø Study in New Zealand

Ø Study in Turkey

Ø Study in  Malaysia

Ø Study in Russia & Ukraine

Ø Study Medicine & Nursing options

Ø Rest of the world options